For most Australians the Northern Territory seems too big, too hard, too far away, too unknown. We all consider setting off on a Top End adventure but we don’t know where to start. We brought together and created a partnership website between Northern Territory Tourism and Britz that gave some direction to those considering an adventure in the NT.


We created a website that houses itineraries that explore from Uluru all the way up to Darwin, gives advice on what vehicle is best suited to each trip and has suggestions on accommodation and provides a calendar of NT events. It makes a NT adventure seem achievable.


As well as the microsite that was created, we also developed a social media strategy that lives across multiple brands and platforms. Digital advertising strategy was also implemented across multiple systems such as the Google Display Network and Adroll platform - targeting specific audiences, inclusive of a comprehensive remarketing component.

The Result

We were able to connect with an audience who was genuinely interested in exploring the Northern Territory and convert that connection into lead generation and bookings.