Advances in Facebook Competitions

Facebook have  announced an update to the policy on brands running competitions on their Facebook page timeline.

Marketers no longer need to rely solely on third party apps to run competitions through their Facebook page. They can now post competitions directly on their timeline (eg. What should we name our new product? Best solution will win…) without the fear of their page being torn down.

Facebook said it made the changes because “we want to make is easier for businesses of all sizes to create and administer promotions on Facebook, and to align our polices to better meet the needs of marketers”.

The new updates allow brands to respond quicker to market trends and will be able to gain greater engagement with their fans on their timeline.

While the Facebook updates is a positive progression for marketer,  marketers should be aware of the limitations that competitions direct to timeline will offer.

Direct to timeline competitions will reduce the amount of data a brand will be able to pull from their fans, and will make it trickier to build a database outside of Facebook to use for eDMS, reducing the potential communication channels between the brand and their customers.

Further to the Facebook changes, brand pages cannot tag, or ask people to tag themselves in content they are not featured in, another element marketers will need to be vary of when thinking of timeline competitions.

To find out more about the Facebook updates click here.