While enjoying a pot and Parma last Friday the topic of Hashtags was brought to the table. Even in our industry there is still some uncertainty of what a hash tag is, and what their purpose is.

The #hashtag phenomena started off in Twitter and was accelerated by micro blogging sites when the ‘tag’ became clickable. The idea is to use # symbol alongside a word/message/statement that is relevant to a situation/topic of discussion.

With the hashtag you are able to drown out a lot of the noise that is circulating on social media sites, and view the trending topics.

You can hashtag a word, click on the word and see who else is talking about it. Opening up a whole new realm of communication.

The continued growth of social media sites and the features they offer you can now share a post (and hashtags) across multiple social media accounts eg. across Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook – making it harder to escape them.

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