Just google it…

“Google it”… how many times have you said this or heard it in a conversation recently?  Search engines seem to be the go to place for information with  91% of people use search engines when trawling the net. What are you doing to ensure that you pop up at the top of the list on Google? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such a vital and relatively new element, of your businesses marketing plan. SEO is the process of improving the ranking of your website on search engines, striving for the top of mind awareness, and driving both conversions and sales. It is proven that the higher your Search Engine Ranking, the higher your percentage of click through rates is. Below are some of the key reasons that you need to implement an SEO strategy;

1. Multiply your impact – SEO helps people find your website

SEO is a digital business card, it will multiply the engagement and visits to your website and more importantly to your targeted market .

2. Builds Trust and Credibility

If you are seen at the top of the list in Google organically, a positive attitude to your company will grow – if its good for the many it must be good for me too….

3. Builds your Brand

The amount of media that is thrown at an audience in one day is incredible, if a simple search shows your brand as top of the list – the perception and its retention in peoples minds is greater.

4. Long-Term Strategy

Although SEO can boost sales for companies who need results quickly, it has been proven to provide return on investment as a long-term strategy

5. Measurable

All elements of SEO can be recorded, evaluated and changed if necessary.

6. Cost Effective

SEO is not particularly expensive to implement and review but it is also effective as the results will outlast campaign expenditure into long-term conversions.

7. Can be managed outside your company

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