Perfecting Email Marketing

eDMs are the preferred medium for many to receive marketing and promotional information. So it is important to ensure that the right planning occurs to ensure the best results for your email marketing. Here are a few tips to remember when planning your next eDM.

 1. Spend time on strategy

While the creative and targeting of your email is important, ensuring you are communicating the rights messages is equally important. Consider what is going to give your eDM cut through from all the other eDMs your target market will be receiving.

2. Test, test, test

While it seems like a simple task, test your eDM across multiple fields.

With the development of host software discrepancies across email providers is decreasing however it still pays to check how your eDM opens in outlook, gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc to ensure a good user experience.

Overtime test subject lines, message/content, layout and images, day of the week it is sent, time of day it is sent, to see what your target group response best to.

3. Send at the right time

There are definitely times and days of the week where you will receive a greater open rate.

Schedule your eDMs earlier or later in the day so your recipient are more likely to open it during work hours.

When you have perfected a time that works best to your market stick to for consistency.

4. Consider mobile

75% of smartphone users say they are highly likely to delete emails they cannot read on their phones. Ensure your make your emails mobile friendly so you don’t look subscribers due to loading issues.

There are many factors involved in producing a successful eDM, and it will take time to perfect to your right audience. Ensuring that the email is of relevance to your target market is important.