10 Great Alternatives to Helvetica.

Yes, we get it, we (designers) all love using Helvetica. It’s the font that time forgot and is set firm in the hearts of all those that love typography. It’s curves are pleasing to the eye and when we get told by that the font needs to change because it’s “too boring”, its like a personal attack on a family member.

So having established that Helvetica is a headline act, let’s look at 10 great alternatives.

1. Akkurat1.-Akkurat

2. New Rail Alphabet 2.-New-Rail

3. Galaxie Polaris 3-Galaxie

4. National 4-National

5. FF Bau5-FF-Bau

6. ARS Maquette 6-ARS

7. Embarcadero MVB7-MVP

8. Supria Sans8-supria-sans

9. Knockout9-knockout

10. Akzidenz Grotesk10--akzidenz