One on One with Balance

We want you to get to know us, and what better way than to put a mixture of questions into a jar and select at random some questions to answer. Every so often we will share a one on one with Balance so you can get to know our team and who better to start the ball rolling than Balance man himself Mr Trenton O’Sullivan.

Where do you want to go on your next holiday? why?

Malta. Because I work with a maltese princess and she never shuts up about how good the place is so I need to check it out. Plus I might get free accommodation at her mum and dads place.

Why/how did you get into Advertising/Design?

Back in 1988 (18yrs) I sat down with my girlfriends mum at the time to try and work out what I was doing with my life and what I might be good at. We settled on business and creative, ran through a bunch of industries and decided Advertising covered both. With that grab the yellow pages, a melways, typed up a very limited CV and hopped in my car (Datsun 1600) and drove around Melb knocking on doors. Ended up getting the ‘Shit Kickers’ job at Thomson/White filling fridges, filing etc and the rest is history.

What’s the best present you have ever been given?

Indhi, Matilda, Tess and Bowie

If you weren’t in marketing what would you do for a job?

Always wanted to be a playboy photographer. Seemed like a great gig as a youngster looking for a career path.

Biggest regret?

Not meeting Miss Rider earlier.

Favourite book? or what are you reading at the moment?

Tuesday with Morrie.

Favourite Quote?

Girl with skirt up run faster than man with pant down.

Last time you lied? To who?

Its not lieing its just leaving bits out. Can’t remember.

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

Oscar the grouch.


Youngest childhood memory?

Playing hide and seek games with Dad and my bro Todd in our Sunshine news agency after Dad locked up. Good Times!