Smell the coffee

When I started my journey through this wonderful world we call ‘advertising,’ hot wax was something we used to stick copy onto pasteboard, not remove superfluous hair from our legs. In fact, the first job of the day in the studio was to ensure the wax machine was turned on, not the coffee machine. Not that we had a coffee machine. We had Nescafe Instant coffee, one kind of milk and sugar. A double Soy Ristretto? Say what?

A lot has changed in 30 years. A lot remains the same. A good idea is still the most sought after commodity, and walking the tightrope between doing what the client wants and what the client needs is still a crucial balancing act. It’s all about balance. See what I did there?

That balance has been, in many ways, challenged by all of the wonderful technological advances that have come our way. Computers, Mobile Phones and Coffee Machines. Each, in their own right, are wonderful advancements in technology. Why then, when the shiny new office Espresso machine is but a few steps away, does the allure of strolling to the local café and watching a passionate barista extract that perfect shot of espresso and do that ritualistic steamed milk tapping thing still seem more fulfilling?

It’s about the process, it’s about taking time to add value to the end product. Yes the computer and internet can help us make an ad in a matter of minutes. But let’s take the time to create an ad, not just make an ad. Let’s take the time to go and meet the client face to face, not just flick emails. A phone call is good, but meeting in person is better. It’s about taking time to smell the coffee.