Ways to increase your Facebook engagement – FOR FREE!

With all the ads, and sponsored story posts that consume your news feed, it is inevitable that organic Facebook interaction is decreasing. It has been said that now less than 4% of people are actually seeing your page updates in their newsfeed.

While increasing the budget and putting more money on paid ads is a sure fire solution to ensure your posts are being seen by your followers, there are other simple ways that you can engage more with your fans and generate more interactions with your posts. And the best thing about it, you don’t even need to touch the wallet.

Show off your talents.

It’s the people that make the business, so why not show off your talents. Many companies have seen a great increase in post interaction when they started introducing staff members on their Facebook page. Simply posting a photo of the staff member and a blurb about their skills and experience, with a general ‘get to know me feel’, could increase your ‘likes’ and get your posts seen by more people.

We recently posted a one on one with Balance, asking a handful of get to know you questions and we doubled our normal reach Facebook.

Show off your services.

Who would have thought that Instagram photos would be so popular? But it is official, Instagram styled photos posted on Facebook receive a larger engagement.

Take the time to invest in some creatively styled photos of your business with a strategic message behind each photo and you can see the interaction increase.

Instagram offers great filters and effects. We have also been trying out VSCO, a similar app but it a bit more elegant.

Show off the fun.

Everybody wants to see what happens behind the scenes, so why not show them. Share photos of your team at work, having fun around the office, and pair them with creative captions and your fans will respond.

Try to post behind the scene shots once or twice a week or your team doing what they do and see how your fans interact.

We recently had an office running race challenge. The whole office went down to the race track to watch the guys run. We took photos and videos and posted it on Facebook the next day. Around 1000 people saw this post, over our normal audience of  around 100 views.

These are simple tools to implement to help increase your Facebook engagement, to help get your Facebook activity seen by more people.