We are Tough Mudders!

We did it! We are official Tough Mudders!

While we are a bit battered and bruised, and moving quite slowly today, we successfully made it through the 20km obstactle course with smiles on our faces and have plenty of stories to share!

A definite highlight of the day when poor Eve slipped through Trent’s grip and was completely submersed in the mud pool when she came up she looked like Augustus from Willy Wonka after falling into the chocolate river, except this was far from chocolate!

We caught parts of the adventure on the GoPro we will edit this and share with you, but in the mean time check out some of the photos below!Screenshot 2014-03-24 17.02.20

Screenshot 2014-03-24 17.06.15Screenshot 2014-03-24 17.08.24Screenshot 2014-03-24 17.05.58

1544476_625192050869708_1844113710_n1743728_625192127536367_1856530620_n1533873_625192567536323_588358891_nScreenshot 2014-03-24 17.05.38

…. and this is what poor Beck looks like today after taking a bit of a fall off the monkey bars