Dodgy Downloads

Like in any workplace, Friday discussions often turn to new movies and TV shows. As we’re all people who are keen to stay on the cutting edge sometimes these new movies and TV shows might be viewed in a way that isn’t exactly kosher. Does that make us bad people? Maybe a little bit, but we thought we’d look into why we choose to watch and listen to pirate content, and how we justify it to ourselves.

We all completed a short questionnaire to try and find out what kind of content we use. We found out that we very rarely buy CDs and DVD’s, we’ll only think about it if it’s a limited edition. A few of us have started or recently continued collecting vinyl because of the artwork and cool factor, but for the most part we’re all happy to listen to streaming. In terms of breaking the law, we mostly try and do the right thing.

Generally it seems that people want to be able to access every bit of content that’s out there. In Australia we’re sometimes limited by what we can consume in a legal way, we’ve all been met with this message at least once.


Which leaves us with two options, find a way around it or get on with our day without watching Game Of Thrones. Most of us will just go ahead and track down an illegal means to view content. History has proven that Australians are amongst the best (or worst depending how you look at it) at pirating content and we think this is mostly because we don’t like waiting longer than the rest of the world for stuff. So what’s the solution? Open us up to more legal ways to watch and listen to our favourite artists, at the end of the day everyone is really happy to pay for content but it’s difficult when we’ve only got access to ‘Netflix lite’. It’s a strange world that we live in, we technically have access to this wonderful thing called ‘the world wide web’ but there’s heaps of great stuff that we can’t touch. Weird huh?