T’was the month before Christmas

I was thinking last night as we decorated the tree with my three kids how it’s such a unique time of the year. I’m fortunate to be able to live Christmas through my kids and share in their innocent joy and pure excitement that only childhood brings.

As I sat listening to the noise and mayhem around the house, work crossed my mind, like it always does.

December is just different, the agency takes on a unique feeling, it’s nosier (who thought that could be possible), bloody busy and we are in a constant state of controlled mayhem with big deadline’s looming.

But what makes December very special is that it doesn’t matter how busy everyone is from our side or our partners side we all make time to lock in a date, get out from behind our desks and catch up.

We spend it eating, drinking, sharing, laughing; we inspire, tell stories, have genuine conversations and more often than not find out more about each other’s worlds in and out of the office.

It’s just such a good time. Its fun.

It reminds us all why we got together in the first place.

Apart from creating quality work we all saw something in each other that said “Hey I think we could work together and do good things”.

Too often the day to day, the deadlines and the ROI get in the way and we forget about the people and the power of a quality, united team.

The joy and excitement of Christmas should not be just for the kids it should live in the office too.

Here’s to Christmas in July.