Engaging Millenials

Our intern Ben Ferguson gives us an insight into the world of a millennial…

Engaging Millennials:

So Millenials, Gen Ys, 20-somethings, whatever you want to call us, we’re on the rise. We outnumber boomers at the polls and soon will be the largest group in the workforce. But we’re different to generations of marketing strategies past, we are the first digital children, and getting us to tick, is a whole lot different that you might imagine.

So I am a Millennial, in every sense of the word. I don’t watch TV, I check Instagram before I get out of bed, and I’ve only known a world where I can turn to my $1000 phone and ask it where the cheapest lunch stops are. But perhaps most importantly, I hate ads! I can sniff out a sponsor on Snapchat like a golden retriever to an old ball and it instantly turns me away. I don’t want to be sold things, anyone can buy that, I want to find the exclusive deals, the obscure brands and flaunt it on social media down the beach with a craft beer brewed in Geelong last Thursday. I want to be unique, different and sort after. And this, is how you tap into Gen Y’s mind.

Be Unique!

I know, it’s a no brainer, of course you want to be unique, it’s marketing 101, but there is a special kind of unique that will get my attention. It’s the kind of unique that I discover organically. Sure there are up-market brands that we love to love, but Collins Street is no secret, and the goods there are high class and high cost. But more importantly, there isn’t any mystery, nothing to show off or get excited about. To be the kind of Unique that Millennials love, you have to be quiet. Have cool doors to your un-suspecting shop front, Instagram only sales on limited stocked items. The goal is to create a need to see, and a want to be seen with your brand.


One of the biggest ways to get Millennials on board is to hype up your brand to the Nth degree. And no, this is not done on billboards, or TV, it’s done on social media. First up, ambassador. And again, no, you’re not hiring some high profile Celebrity, You’re hiring a model, a locally sourced, home grown, authentic, cool model. You need a face to your brand, and a sleek model that just yells millennial, is a great way to start. Secondly, have a cool shop and website! Think Dutton car café or the Berlin Bar in Melbourne City. Both are tucked away gems that require you to know, before you go. They both have fantastic themes that scream ‘tell your friends’. And if you play your cards right, that’s just what they’ll do.


We’ve touched on this before, and it’s coming up again, Millennials love exclusive deals, products, and shops. And why wouldn’t we! We’re always looking for the next piece of style, the next new thing, and by placing your brand at the forefront of change, and offering it only to the select few who are willing to put in the time, we get a great deal for our troubles.


If you didn’t know that Millennials live at home and spend all their money on fancy cloths, then get reading, you have a lot to catch up on! It’s no secret that Millennials love quality goods. They’re conditioned to iPhones and Macbooks, to leather shoes and sleek shaped jeans, to electric ca….you get the idea. Millennials will spend $200 on a pair of shoes, and $6 on lunch so don’t skimp on quality! Your product should be held to the highest standards in every way you can think of, and the rest. If I put in 20 minutes to find your shop, to find a T with crappy printing, I will not be coming back, and neither will any of my friends.

To engage Millennials requires a different approach than other consumer groups. They’ve grown up with adverts everywhere and have become completely de-sensitized. Now they want to find their own path, their own style, and if you can place your brand on that path, expect a line out the door! Just remember to not let them all in at once.