If you’re considering your digital spend for 2019, here are a some amazing new channels we think are worth a look.

Put it on the bill

It had to happen. 

After the government’s catastrophic leadership upsets and instability over the last couple of years, they are now chasing revenue from advertisers who want target people receiving bills and infringement notices. 

The love child of that need is Australia Pays which offers advertising Advertising space on fines and bills. 

This is an obvious opportunity for symbiotic offers like finance, removalists, legal services or travel.


Data purchase opportunities

After the Facebook ordeal last year and the rollout of international data regulations, it is becoming harder and harder to find fresh data about your audience. We have compiled our best new sources of data into one convenient list here:

The prospect of a hard Brexit is currently hitting EU stock markets pretty hard, resulting in large corporations quietly auctioning off pre-GDPR data to advertisers. Contact the EU data protection agency and use the code-phrase “Regulate Me” in your email subject line to get the latest details.

Russian hackers have opened a new site called ‘ебатьчастнуюжизнь.ru’, roughly translating to “F**k Privacy”. They are upset with large corporations collecting and co-sharing their private data so covert groups have decided to cut off the incestuous rigmarole of the back-room deal and just share the masses of international consumer data themselves. This is mass data sharing made easy: access millions of comprehensive user profiles at no charge!

In recent months, private data markets have popped up too. Destitute individuals low on cash are willing to sell their own data in the new wave of ‘surveys-for-cash’. Unfortunately, a large proportion of users lie about their demographics and interests to get new surveys and due to their financial situation, are often not the target of the kinds of big business that would buy their data. To combat this, some survey companies have started sending out lie-detector kits for their survey high-rollers to validate the data, whereas other companies have resorted to buying information about the families and friends of financially-stricken data sellers.

While we are there, you need to be careful hunting for your off-market finds after worrying reports of Chinese and Vietnamese sweatshops manufacturing fake data in the wake of the massive growing demand for it.

Tainted love

When you have a skin problem you aren’t feeling quite yourself, to say the least. 

Yet you still have a wallet and along with it plenty of hopes and dreams.

That’s the thought behind Singles with Shingles – a dating app for people with skin conditions. This has been a tricky audience to reach for a number of years since the development of non-invasive rash treatment but now all your skin-infection-specific clients have a chance to court leads with chickenpox, cellulitis, warts, scabies and a variety of other skin-infections. 

Bathroom Rush

Everybody knows toilets (other than your own) come in two categories: bad and just bearable. Or just one category – necessary. Brasco is an app to find toilet-friendly venues. 

Everyone uses the bathroom so why not advertise your most important assets. Simply share a picture of your bathroom and get five customers to review their bathroom experience with you to get a $50 voucher. Get your local business placed at the top of the search with sponsored ads starting at a low $0.08 cost-per-s**t. 

Help is here. 

Trying to look powerful and nonchalant while desperately scanning name tags? Heart and a little bit of lunch threatening to jump out of your mouth into the pocket of a potential employer? Close to breaking at a networking event? Maintaining a thin veil of Pierce Brosnan ambiance while quietly watching your career prospects disappear from a simple conversational stumble?

Any way you look at it, conventional networking sucks, but fortunately there is now a way to beat the awkwardness. 

It’s known as “Shotgun Networking” after the fashion of folding resumés as small as possible to get your credentials into powerful people’s hands quickly.

This trend likely comes from a growing pattern of painful interactions preceding months of quickly-retracted LinkedIn likes and momentary conversations at mixers.

When you attend this unconventional convention, you are presented with a compact resumé, eight seconds of small-talk and an immediate yes-no decision as to whether to continue the relationship. 

Get down to a Shotgun Networking Event to make lasting, useful connections and if you find them useful, consider Rapid Teambuilding exercises or Speadership Courses from FastFriendsCo.

These three tips could be what make or break your career this year so make sure to write in with your your successes or any other ideas on data acquisition or networking!