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About us

When it comes to Balance, natural systems are our ultimate inspiration. These mirror the balanced mutual dependency, between your brand and your customers, that we work to nurture and channel. Each feeds the other in a circular, balanced cycle. Each gets what they need to keep healthy. Waste is non existent. Customers you attract, bring in organic growth. Even the ones you don’t win over, take away something positive that could potentially bring them back in the future.

This is the nature of a circular balanced system. 


As an agency we have to deliver on our promise and the strength of the relationship builds from there. What does a strong relationship feel like? It’s interactions partners enjoy, talk without judgment or agendas, heads up phone calls or face to face chats, all with that indefinable feeling that we’re all on the same team. Balance has a solid history of long and collaborative relationships.

Culture Counts.

We’ve been around since 2004 and over that time have developed our own way of doing things, which continues to evolve. We all wear multiple hats and have a huge bank of category experience, as befits a tight-knit creative shop, bent on results, where there are no passengers. When we commit to something, we don’t leave anything in the tank. We also like fun – and wouldn’t be the agency we are without that.

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