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Race Day

They talk a big game, so the challenge was set – a 400m, Olympic-esque run to decide who really is the fastest. There has been a long-standing rivalry between our Senior Art Director … read on 

My Favourite Ad

This ad first got my attention while I was in high school. I was snooping around my then art room and came across a dusty old Advertising Annual. I recall the year 10, … read on 

What it’s really like

When you work in advertising, people assume your work-life is like that of a glamorous, scandalous, quirky character from a TV show… like Don Draper from Mad Men. Needless to say, when you … read on 

Taking it to the next level

Nike have just released this commercial for the upcoming world cup and it is definitely worth a watch – or three! Nike got the famous Guy Ritchie on board to direct the ‘Take … read on 

Behind the scenes

It was always going to be a bit touch and go shooting a spring/summer sports range in Autumn, but thats what we were doing last Friday. Lucky for us the weather held up, … read on 

SEO from PPC and your SEM from FTP

For many people who don’t live and breathe in the online world the concept of digital acronyms and jargon used in the business world can be as foreign as, well, a foreign language. … read on 

We are Tough Mudders!

We did it! We are official Tough Mudders! While we are a bit battered and bruised, and moving quite slowly today, we successfully made it through the 20km obstactle course with smiles on … read on 

Balance Tough Mudder’s

The time has arrived! This weekend eight of the Balance team will be competing in what they say is probably one of the toughest event on the planet… TOUGH MUDDER! The instigator and … read on 

Our Top 5 Albums for 2013

The Balance office is always buzzing, and Spotify is always playing, so we thought we would share what helps carry us through the day. Now that all the New Year posts have died … read on 

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