David Gullotti

Creative Partner

Let’s be honest. If you met a bloke a party and he said he loved advertising, even we admit, that might ring alarm bells. Yet somehow with Dave, this doesn’t happen. The authenticity shines through and somehow, your worry sails away with it.

One of the most passionate practitioners of the art, Dave is still just as excited about creativity and ideas since he first did AWARD school in the early 90’s – and luckily for us, still just as sensitive to jokes about Perth.

A partner in Balance since 2013, he is a creative mind that is always “on” and an executional perfectionist with success on major names including Bankwest, Bayer, GSK, NAB, Nissan and Westfield.

Outside of Balance, you’ll find Dave chasing the holy grail of the perfect coffee or ghosting retro stores, pushing his Yin and Yang at Crossfit, imagining life as a guitarist and making the rest of us feel bad about our intimate relationships.