Grant Tildsley

Digital Lead

With career highlights including formative years in a punk band and a month spent learning African drumming in Ghana, GT is easily our most avid collector of unusual life experiences

Having navigated his way through the retail photographic industry, Grant ended up running digital for Ted’s Cameras, where he oversaw its success in attracting younger customers and evolution from a solely old school bricks and mortar retailer.
After 6 years at Ted’s, he decided to mix his Diploma in Digital Marketing with Voodoo ceremonies in West Africa and failing to learn Spanish in a small Andalusian town, on an 18 month trip around the world.

Home again, he quickly found himself up to his elbows as Digital Manager of fast growing start up Mobile Tyre Shop, before being convinced to come over to the dark side and join Balance as Digital Lead.

When not making some of us feel bad about our fitness, Grant is getting air on his mountain bike, hanging out at a festival, or threatening the established order of the office table tennis rankings.