Rankin McKay


After an outdoor childhood of minimal supervision and time at university, the bright lights of Melbourne beckoned to Rankin. Starting off as a suit in Y&R, Masius and DDB, he worked on Johnson and Johnson, Toyota, Mobil and The Age before deciding to start his own shop.

Next came 13 years of Batters & McKay, which attracted clients including Simplot, Sigma, Coles Myer, the Victorian Government and Total Tel – the first pre paid mobile on the Australian market. Post Batters & McKay, Rankin founded Realtime Strategy and became involved in digital. A passionate practitioner, he is known for his ability to immerse himself in a clients business and think in different ways to find solutions.

When not working, Rankin indulges in his love of farming, photography, English literature and vinyl sound. His Nirvana remains a bush trip with his daughter.