Bayer K Obiol – Case Study

Insect infestation cops a punch.

The Challenge

Insect infestation can cause substantial loss of income to grain farmers and 67% of this group still use some unsealed storage where fumigants will not be effective. K Obiol was already proven by grain handlers as a single treatment solution that can protect grain for up to 7 months and was widely accepted in the market. The problem was that although it was now available for on farm usage, the brand was unknown and to use it farmers needed to know how to apply it.

The strategy + The Idea

Since the product was a comprehensive one step treatment, and the name complicated – the creative worked to make the name memorable and carried a compact call to action with the simple solution of “KO your grain insects”. To get farmers over the line to be qualified to use the product, we produced a simple instructional video made with the credible assistance of Kerry Miles a well known Victorian Grain Storage Advisor.

The work

Print ads in rural magazines, POS at rural suppliers and online instructional video.

880 new users in the launch season

1.73% Sales were of budget

10K Strong editorial coverage in rural print.

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