Melbourne Airport Parking – Case Study

Parking to be proud of.

The Challenge

Despite being the sole onsite parking option, Melbourne Airport Parking operates, in an extremely competitive market, against a large number of off-airport parking options with high service and value quotients. The airport also competes with a wide range of alternative means of transport such as Skybus, Taxi, Uber, public drop off/pick up.

The Strategy

Despite being perceived as more expensive, the cost of Melbourne Airport parking is actually very competitive to offsite competitors with convenience and proximity that they cannot equal.

Our campaigns confidently sold this promise of value and convenience to different customer types making the point that there is a Melbourne Airport Parking solution for everybody.

The Work

The Results

Parking revenue increased from $145m to $200m between FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18 (1)

While Melbourne airport do not publicly report their returns per car park our activity consistently achieved growth, revenue and occupancy level targets.

(1) APAC Annual General Report

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