Ted’s Cameras – Case Study

Making a 40 year old brand young again.

The challenge

Ted’s was attracting an older customer group and not building a future with younger demographics. They needed to both reach younger customers and validate the loyalty of older customers.

The strategy and the idea

The idea was “Ted’s Masters”. To build partnerships with leading photographers who had a unique and compelling body of work and a large following on social media. We then used this to support our key brand promises of expertise, value and customer connection. From this, a powerful ambassador program was born.

The work

Recruited leading young photographers and created video content to engage and inspire visitors. Ted’s Masters often do in store meet and greets or seminars, where web visitors could engage with a Ted’s Master and competitions to win a one on one with a Teds Master.

We extended our audience by reaching out to brands with a similar database.

131K Increase in Page Views

48K Increase in Instagram Likes

6.6m Facebook Impressions

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